QVA hold referee’s meeting to restart league

DOHA: After a six-month hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual referees meeting was held to mark the start of preparations for completing the remainder of the competitions, Qatar Volleyball Association said in its news release on volleyball.qa.

With Head of the Referees Committee Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Namah chairing, the meeting was also held to mark the start of the sports season 2021-2020 and discuss new amendments to laws.

In the beginning of the meeting, all the referees and those attending were welcomed with their commitment to all precautions and preventive and precautionary measures.

During the meeting, some amendments to the laws were explained in relation to the game law, while the referees ’questions were heard and clarified by the Referees Committee.

In addition to clarifying the interpretation of some technical matters repeated in the matches, emphasis was also on the optimal application of the law in a way that gives each team its right and keeps abreast of the technical development in the game as is the procedure followed in each season.

Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Namah confirmed that there are studies refining the referees for the continuity of development and training for all referees in the interest of the game in general.

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