Alcaraz questions new shot clock rule after Queen’s Club loss

LONDON: World number two Carlos Alcaraz has raised concerns about a newly trialed shot clock rule after his defeat to Briton Jack Draper at the Queen’s Club Championships. Alcaraz, who is preparing for his Wimbledon title defense, was beaten 7-6(3) 6-3 by Draper in the last 16 on Thursday.

The controversial 25-second shot clock, designed to speed up the game by reducing time between points, traditionally starts when the chair umpire announces the score. However, media reports indicated a recent adjustment: the countdown now begins almost immediately after a point concludes.

Alcaraz felt the impact of this change keenly during his match, claiming it left him insufficient time for his usual routines. The Spanish star expressed his frustration to chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani during the game. “He told me that there is a new rule, this new thing, that the clock never stops. After the point is finished, the clock is putting on,” Alcaraz explained.

Despite being informed about the rule change, Alcaraz revealed he has yet to discuss his concerns with the ATP but plans to do so. “Not yet, but I will, for sure,” he affirmed.

With Wimbledon set to begin on July 1, Alcaraz’s comments spotlight a potential area of contention as players adjust to the evolving regulations aimed at enhancing the sport’s pace and viewer experience.(Reuters)

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