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Qatar’s Amro Al Hamad appointed as Vice-President of Single Seater Committee in FIA

DOHA: Amro Al Hamad, Executive Director of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) and CEO of Lusail International Circuit (LIC), has been appointed as the Vice-President of the Single Seater Committee in the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC).

The WMSC is under the umbrella of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

This appointment is not only a personal achievement for Al Hamad but also a significant win for QMMF and a testament to Qatar’s unwavering commitment to promoting motorsport and its vision to become an international hub for the sport.

“I am honored to be appointed as the Vice-President of the Single Seater Committee in the FIA,” said Amro Al Hamad.

Al Hamad will take on the responsibilities of the Vice-President of the Single Seater Committee, which operates under WMSC.

The WMSC meets multiple times a year to deliberate on rules, regulations, safety, and the development of motorsport at all levels, from karting to Formula One.

Al-Hamad’s leadership at QMMF and as CEO of Lusail International Circuit, along with his passion for motorsports deeply rooted in his experience as a former endurance racing driver, has played a pivotal role in promoting motorsport in Qatar and the region.

Under his guidance, Lusail International Circuit has hosted numerous high-profile events, including Formula One and the World Endurance Championship, establishing itself as a premier motorsport destination. His appointment to the FIA’s Single Seater Committee is a recognition of his contributions and his potential to influence the future of single-seater racing on a global scale.

“This role presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the evolution of single-seater racing globally. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the FIA to advance our shared goals for the sport.

“This appointment also highlights the significant strides Qatar has made in establishing itself as a key player in the international motorsport community. Furthermore, it allows me to represent the MENA region and advocate for its growing presence and potential in the world of motorsport,” added Al Hamad.

The FIA’s Single Seater Committee plays a crucial role in overseeing the regulations and development of single-seater categories, which include some of the most popular and competitive series in motorsport. Al Hamad’s background in motorsport management and his strategic vision will bring valuable insights to the committee.

This appointment marks a significant milestone in motorsport culture in Qatar, highlighting Qatar’s dedication to promoting the sport and its ambition to become a global hub for the sport. 

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