‘Blaze’ and ‘Tonk’ named Cricket World Cup mascots

DUBAI: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced that ‘Blaze’ and ‘Tonk’ have been unanimously chosen as the names for the mascot duo ahead of the Cricket World Cup 2023 where they will look to engage and entertain cricket fans.

The ICC World Cup, returning to Indian shores after more than 12 years, gets underway on 5 October and concludes on 19 November, 2023. 

The dynamic pair of brand mascots, symbolizing the unity and spirit that cricket fosters globally, were introduced at a launch event back in August.

Fans were invited to be part of the process by suggesting names for these iconic characters through a worldwide fan poll held over the past month.

‘Blaze’, the female mascot, wields a turbo-powered arm that propels fireballs with lightning speed, leaving even the most audacious batters in sheer amazement.

Her extraordinary pinpoint accuracy, unmatched reflexes, boundless flexibility, and unwavering determination make her an exceptional fast-bowling sensation. Adorned with a belt carrying six power cricket orbs, each meticulously prepared for various game-changing tactics, Blaze stands ever-ready to ignite the game.

‘Tonk’, the male mascot, radiates a unique blend of icy-cool composure and electrifying batting prowess.

His every shot, ranging from stealthy finesse to boundary-crushing sixes, reverberates with an electrifying force that captivates audiences worldwide.

With his electromagnetic bat and versatile shot repertoire, ‘Tonk’ promises to elevate the excitement, lighting up the stage and electrifying the cricket pitch with every stroke. (ICC Media)

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