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Qatar Chess Association seminar for school teachers

DOHA: Qatar Chess Association (QCA) kicked off a four-day seminar for school teachers at Al Rashad Independent School for boys.

Around 40 teachers from 16 primary schools will be attending the four-day programme, which is one of the many steps QCA has taken to promote the sport.

Topics to be discussed include the basics of the game, chess as an educational tool for children, strategy to be followed and value of the pieces.

Salman A Salman, Technical Expert at QCA and FIDE Trainer and School Instructor along with Grandmaster Hicham Hamdouchi, Trainer at QCA and FIDE Trainer are the instructors.

On the opening day, the participants got a first hand idea about the importance of learning chess in schools and its impact on the evolution of the student’s thought process.

In the second session, the basic equipment of the game- board, the pieces – was explained and also the moves on the board and recording of the moves.

On the second day the school teachers will be briefed about the special rules like – Castling, Pawn Promotion, En Passant and Draw.

The seminar will also deal with other chess basics like opening principles.

The participants will get some practical training on how to move the pawns on the board and the queen.

The third day will deal with basic strategy- the value of the pieces, game results and how to develop the pieces while in the second session using chess as an educational tool for children will be discussed in detail along with practical training.

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