AIBA to develop boxing in Uzbekistan

DOHA: The Amateur International Boxing Federation (AIBA) is keen to develop the sport in Uzbekistan.

The Central Asian country will host the Men’s World Championships in 2023.

A few days ago AIBA officially announced that Tashkent will host 2023 event after the successful bid presentation by the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan.

During his recent visit, AIBA president Umar Kremlev met Uzbek Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov to discuss on the sport’s development in the country.

‘Boxing is the number one sport in Uzbekistan. Taking into account a large number of factors, based on economic, organizational, logistics capabilities, the choice fell on the city of Tashkent as the venue for 2023 World Championships,” said Kremlev.

“Such important competitions make their invaluable contribution to our common cause to develop and popularise boxing all over the world. We have no doubts that the tournament will be conducted at the highest level,’ added Kremlev.

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