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West Brom playmaker James Morrison completes treatment at Aspetar

Doha, Qatar: West Bromwich Albion playmaker James Morrison has completed his treatment a comprehensive treatment programme at Qatar’s world-renowned orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, Aspetar.

After suffering an Achilles tendon injury almost five months ago, Morrison visited Aspetar hoping it will enable him to return to his pre-injury state. Speaking about his visit to Aspetar, Morrison said: “I felt that I wasn’t progressing (from the injury) and I needed a different direction, so I spoke to the medical staff at West Bromwich Albion and they told me to come to Aspetar.”

He added: “I did a bit of research before I came here on the internet. I also spoke with Stephen Ireland, who has previously visited Aspetar. He mentioned that the facilities were top-notch. I didn’t really believe it until I came here but after the first few days I found that everything I need is here. Everything is five-star. I was impressed with it and I fully enjoyed my time here.”

Speaking about Qatar as a host nation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Morrison said: “I think it’s good for football. It’s going to be different with the climate and the timing of it. But looking at the facilities here, I think it’ll be a huge, huge, benefit for the teams coming here. I’m sure all the stadiums built will meet the high expectations of football fans.”

Looking ahead, Morrison admitted that a footballer’s career can fade very quickly, saying: “I’m going on to 32 now so, at the back of my mind, I do think about retirement. I’d probably like to stay in the game in some other aspect, whether as a coach, recruitment or even working with young kids. Football’s all I’ve known for 20 years so I’d like to think my experience and knowledge could prove beneficial in the long-run.”

Aspetar boasts one of the most advanced medical departments in the region, which is integral to the hospital’s multidisciplinary approach to athlete management. Aspetar’s method focuses on assessment and treatment of injured athletes by implementing personalised injury treatment programmes.

Utilising an evidence-based model, Aspetar’s experienced practitioners aim to return patients to their pre-injury lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible and has a proven track record of treating regional and international athletes.

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