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‘We can’t do any better than this’

LAST week’s defeat to Umm Salal severely complicated the matters for struggling Muaither, but coach Philippe Birol said they should be proud of what they had done over the season.

“We tried our best with the available tools. Our players and president can be proud of what we’ve done,” said Birol, who has mostly been a picture of calm and source of motivation for his wards.

Muaither are now 13th in the table, facing a direct relegation.

“The general feeling is that we’ve done a good job. Everybody thought we would be the punchbags week after week, but we proved it wrong.

“We can’t do any better than this. One who looks only at the standings might dismiss us a weak team because we’re second from the bottom, but those who’ve followed our campaign know we weren’t also-rans.

“But for a couple of games when nothing went our way, we fought without giving up. We believed in ourselves and spent a lot of energy. We’ll continue to do it,” said the Frenchman.

“We’ve some old and young players. But the problem is that most youngsters were on loan. So we can say that we also worked hard for other clubs,” Birol signed off in a lighter vein. 

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