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QSL signs deal with Sport Integrity Global Alliance

Doha, Qatar: Qatar Stars League (QSL) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) to work together and share experiences and best practices as a pioneering step towards further development of Qatar Stars League.

QSL is the first professional league in Asia to sign such an agreement with an international organisation connected with establishing the foundations of integrity in sport.

The agreement aims at exchanging experience, joint tasks, presenting the best practices, exchanging information, methods, ideas and activities by establishing the concepts of integrity and transparency in football.

The signing of the agreement came on the sidelines of the Inter-regional Sports Integrity Summit in Doha, in the presence of the CEO of Qatar Stars League Hani Taleb Ballan, and the CEO of SIGA Emmanuel Medeiros.

In a statement, Ballan said, "We're delighted to be participating in this summit and signing an agreement with SIGA, and well work with them in future through some activities that contribute towards reiterating the principles of integrity. With one thought and one goal: Integrity in football."

Ballan explained that QSL is keen to combat fraud in sports through cooperation with international organizations concerned with integrity, such as cooperation with sports security since the 2013-2014 season, pointing out that SIGA has its interests in the process of integrity, and that cooperation with SIGA comes from its faith on the importance of integrity in sport.

Ballan stressed that this agreement has entered into force from now and will be a starting point and will send important messages to establish integrity and prevention of fraud methods through the organization of many activities, conferences, events, meetings and also workshops.

Ballan said that the signing is due to the reputation of QSL in the scope of integrity and governance, which is the basis for the development of regulations and systems concerned with integrity.

Ballan concluded that the agreement with SIGA comes with the convergence of the ideas and goals of both institutions aiming towards a fair football, and QSL has its own regulations on integrity and a starting point that contributes to broader ideas, and greater cooperation in an environment where there are different institutions and entities including sports, government and all sectors. 

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