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Pardon my French, says Henry after he is caught swearing

Monaco: Thierry Henry said on Sunday that he regretted insulting an opposing player as Monaco were thrashed at home by Strasbourg, adding that he should have stuck to swearing in English.

Television cameras caught Monaco coach shouting abuse at defender Kenny Lala during a 5-1 defeat on Saturday.

"Yes, I regret these words," Henry said.  

"It's not the first time," he said, adding: "Sometimes I do it in English."

"I just reacted, I'm sorry, yes, but I'm only human."

"Maybe in English it wouldn't have been as noticable," Henry said. "No, I'm joking. I should not do it."

Just before half-time, with Strasbourg winning, 2-1, Lala was delaying a throw when Henry was caught by French TV complaining and shouting obscenities about the defender's grand-mother.

On Sunday Henry said "it a street expression, unfortunately."

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