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Josoor Institute continues to develop talent in the lead-up to Qatar 2022

Doha, Qatar: During 2018 we have delivered a series of successful programmes and continued to create productive partnerships as we explore every available resource to empower the people who will be instrumental in the organisation of a historic FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Qatar’s mission to deliver an outstanding mega-event remains our guiding light when it comes to developing our training sessions, programmes and workshops, along with establishing key partnerships. Each step we take must contribute to the professional advancement of exceptional individuals who will help to realise the full potential of people across Qatar and the region in the sports and events industries.

To succeed in this mission, we continually strive to increase the knowledge of our delegates. We ensure the best sessions, mentors and opportunities through partnerships and collaborations with organisations which demonstrate a proven track record of excellence in their respective fields, and one such partnership we agreed this year was with KPMG in Qatar.

KPMG’s access to experienced sports advisory experts from around the world supports the Josoor Institute in its mission to develop the sports industry in Qatar. This partnership also enables us to share international best practices, which can lead to the discovery of innovative techniques that facilitate the growth of the sports and events industries in this region.

Additionally, we have also entered into a strategic partnership with the International College of Engineering and Management in Oman to ensure we continue to reach our regional audience.

One of our first successes this year was the completion of our second cohort of professional certificate and diploma programmes, which witnessed the graduation of 82 delegates from 25 countries, including Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine, Australia, Canada, India and Somalia, in “Major Events Management” and “Football and Sports Management”. After a 12-month programme, these delegates left the Josoor Institute fully equipped to deliver world-class sporting and non-sporting events across Qatar and the region.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, two of our delegates, Hamad Al Kuwari and Eman Al Khamiri, took part in the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s (SC) observation programme. This valuable experience offered first-hand insight of what it takes to deliver a major sporting event. In return, Al Kuwari and Al Khamiri have been equipped with mega-event knowledge that they’ll be able to share with other delegates.

Throughout the year, we delivered various workshops packed with learning activities, customised for different talents and addressing specific skillsets. A five-day workshop called “Writing Skills and Styles for Sports Journalism”, tailor-made for Al Kass Sports Network, acquainted our delegates with the growing role that local media will play in the lead-up to Qatar 2022. An interesting aspect of this workshop was the practical simulation that instilled skills in reporting, writing and producing high-quality sports media content.

The workshop “Planning and Organising Major Sports Events” focused on providing delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the different components of hosting a successful major sporting event from a broadcasting perspective. The networking portion of the workshop was highly appreciated by delegates for the perspective it gave them on the different aspects of broadcasting and production, along with insights on how to resolve issues that can arise from lack of coordination or poor communication.

“Developing Skills in Organising and Sponsoring Football Tournaments” was another highly informative workshop we conducted this year. This two-day programme, which included international delegates, was designed to empower tournament organisers by imparting key skills in organising and operating successful sports events, and in sourcing funds. The delegates were also taught how to build and manage sponsors and stakeholder relations.

Back at Al Bidda Tower, and as part of our mission to provide SC employees with a stream of learning opportunities, we recently hosted two experts in global football – David O’Conner from InFront Sports & Media and Alexey Vlasov, Head of Marketing Rights Delivery for Russia 2018 – to conduct a session focused on Russia 2018. It examined the highlights of this summer’s tournament and studied key aspects relevant to Qatar 2022.

We are already looking forward to 2019, which promises to be another key year on the road to 2022 – and beyond. As Qatar’s journey towards hosting the World Cup accelerates, the Josoor Institute will continue to work on bridging the skills gap as we herald an unprecedented transformation in the sports and events industries across Qatar and the region.

– By Afraa Al Noaimi, Executive Director, Josoor Institute

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