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Coronavirus tests for Qatar Stars League players as well as technical and administrative staff begin

Doha, Qatar: The Coronavirus (Covid-19) tests (first phase of protocol), developed by the Qatar Stars League and approved by the Ministry of Public Health, started at the Ali bin Hamad Al Attiyah Stadium on Monday, 8th June, 2020, according to the general plan and in preparation for the resumption of training and matches of 2019-20 season QNB Stars League.

The testing procedure aims to reduce and control the risk of virus spreading between team members and players, as they return to training and action. It follows all preventive and precautionary measures.

A number of players as well as technical and administrative staff underwent the tests on the first day. After completion of tests, they will return to their homes under self-quarantine until the test results come.

In the event of a positive case (let it not happen by God’s grace), he will undergo the procedures of Ministry of Public Health. If the test result is negative, he will join the team at their hotel as per schedule.

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