Aspire Zone Foundation lines up programmes galore for National Sport Day

Doha: Aspire Zone Foundation has lined up plenty of exciting programmes to celebrate the National Sport Day (NSD).

AZF and its member organisations — Aspire Academy, Aspetar and Aspire Logistics — are organising more than 20 unique events for the members of the community to enjoy. Thousands of local community members will celebrate the National Sport Day, which falls on February 13th this year, at AZF’s world-class outdoor and indoor facilities.

Commenting on the preparations, Nasser Abdullah Al Hajri, Chairman of the NSD Organising Committee at AZF, said: “Over the past seven years, Aspire Zone Foundation has become the top destination in Qatar for National Sport Day celebrations, thanks to its diverse range of activities, which cater for all ages and levels of fitness.

“Led by the pioneering vision of its leadership, AZF’s mission is to nurture the physical, mental and psychological well-being of the community, particularly young people. We also support Qatar’s vision of creating a culture of sports and physical activity among members of the community. As a result, we plan to put on another spectacular show.

“The quality and range of sporting activities on offer here has surged in recent years. As a result, we can proudly say that Aspire has been one of the main drivers behind enriching the sports scene in Qatar, organising world-class events and providing numerous opportunities for the local community to get active and enjoy life to the fullest,” he added.

Early risers will be able to take part in AZF’S NSD activities early on in the day, as the Aspire Park will be open round the clock for walking and jogging, until the first round of activities begins.

Fun run

The Fun Run, one of the most popular events in AZF’s NSD programme in previous years, is back by popular demand and will be open to all members of the community, including children and people with special needs. It will include a 2.5km course around Khalifa International Stadium. Registration for the race will begin at 6.30 am and will last until 7.30 am. The race will then start at 8 am in between Khalifa International Stadium and the Torch Hotel.


 Dodgeball joins the wide range of activities that visitors have come to expect from AZF. It’s similar to a handball game in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. The event will begin at 9 am and will last until 3 pm. It takes place on Football Pitch 10.

Nordic walk

 Aspetar teams from the “Exercise is Medicine” programme will offer a 2-hour Nordic walking activity from 11 am at Aspetar’s West Wing. Nordic Walking is low impact, delivers total body fitness, increases cardio fitness, burns calories and activates 90 per cent of the body’s muscles. It is a ‘total body’ version of walking that can be enjoyed by non-athletes as a healthy physical activity. In addition to walking, the activity will include fun games and different exercises for stretching, balancing and conditioning.

Japanese Kendo

In collaboration with the Japanese embassy in Qatar, Football Pitch 10 will host Kendo shows, one of the oldest martial arts in the world that originates in Japan. Audiences will be able to watch and participate in the sport from 9 am to 12 noon.

Play area

AZF is also organising many activities aimed at families and children on Football Pitch 10. These will include jumping castles, miniature football, basketball, volleyball, obstacle jumping, telematch games, and more. These will run from 9 am to 3 pm.

Aspire Dome will host a variety of activities for families and friends, including running, hammer throwing, plyometric challenges, and a 200M bike race from 9 am to 4 pm.

In addition, the Sports Science and Football Performance department at Aspire is organising several football-related activities, including shooting, dribbling and more. The Dome will also host plenty of fun and challenging activities by the Multi-Sports Development Programme.

Football enthusiasts will also have the chance to watch the best go head to head in the finals of the Aspire Football League. Six teams from the Football Talent Centre & Feeder Group generations will compete for the title this year.

The Academy’s Education and Student Affairs Department will also be organising a “Team Building" event, including multiple games fostering crucial educational values.

Namat physical activity and health education stations

Namat, AZF’s initiative to promote physical activity, is organising three sessions across Aspire Zone to spread awareness of the importance of physical activity and health. Aspetar experts will be available at Aspire Park, near Burgery Restaurant (8 to 11 am), Aspire Park, Step into Health booth near the lake (8 to 11 am), and near the Torch Hotel (11 am to 1 pm) to answer your questions and provide best practice tips on physical activity and health.

A wide range of internal activities for AZF’s employees

 In addition to activities for the public, AZF will be organising a wide range of programmes for its employees on Football Pitch 10, including a volleyball competition and dedicated fitness classes for women from 10.30 am to 1 pm.

Finally, AZF will also host several public and private sector entities celebrating NSD with their employees and the public.

More details will be made available by the organising committee closer to NSD through the Life in Aspire mobile application, the Life in Aspire website and AZF’s various social media channels.

AZF invites all members of the community in Qatar to join its NSD celebrations and enjoy everything the Foundation has to offer in terms of making sport and physical activity fun and exciting. 

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