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9th Qatar Strongest Man 2022 Championship to be held tomorrow

DOHA: Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) will organise the 9th Qatar Strongest Man 2022 Championship to showcase their capabilities to the masses through a series of endurance and speed tests at Aspire Zone Park tomorrow.

Contestants will take on several challenges of varying difficulty, such as the Conan’s Wheel, rotating around a fixed axis for three minutes while carrying 180kg weights, lifting heavy sandbags as fast as possible, pulling a 6-tonne truck, and two new games, tire loading and variable push-up.

The AZF has succeeded in turning this tournament into an icon on the calendar of events that athletes and fans await at this time of each year, by attracting a group of the best competitors, and it has become a forum for lovers of strength and endurance sports in Qatar as an annual goal to improve their physical levels. (QNA)

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