Qatar Equestrian Tour-Longines Hathab Series is the best in the region, says Omar Al Mannai

Mohammad Amin

DOHA: The Fourth edition of Qatar Equestrian Tour-Longines Hathab Series witnessed a record participation of riders and included a large number of horses.

Besides, the competition has helped increase the number of riders including females.

The tournament is conducted jointly by Qatar Equestrian Federation and Al Shaqab (Member, Qatar Foundation) and supported by The Social &
Sport Contribution Fund.

The Hathab Series has also encouraged the horse-owners who not only bought new horses but also introduced them during the 12-round event.

“Horse owners in Qatar made great efforts in providing horses for the riders in the Hathab Series. This happened much due to the fact that the organizing committee also encouraged the owners with the financial incentives,” said Omar Al Mannai, Vice-Chairman of the Longines Hathab Series Organizing Committee.

Al Mannai thanked the official sponsors, Saleh Al Mannai, Vice-President and Director of Government and Public Affairs at ExxonMobil, Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa, Executive Director, Salam International Group, and representatives of other supporting companies.

“The Hathab Series seek to inspire a new generation of riders. This tournament will also be the basis of selection of the riders who will represent Qatar at international tournaments,” added Al Mannai.

“The championship is the best in the region. It has greatly contributed to the development of talented riders in jumping and dressage. These youngsters have gained huge experience throughout the 12 rounds. The competition also helped to create a generation of riders that represents Qatar equestrian.”

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